My Home In 90 Description of Services

My Home in 90 by CreditFlex Capital, LLC. (Hereafter MHI) Agrees as follows:

Honest Ethical representation:

MHI agrees to act in the Clients best interest in all efforts conducted under this agreement. MHI agrees to not withhold any information that would benefit the Client in any way. MHI agrees to use honesty when responding to questions and not to mislead, or misinform the client in any way. To this end it is agreed that no credit score, loan, or grant is assured. Any representations, promises, warranties or insinuations contrary to this are used for reference and demonstration purposes. Individual results do vary and are wholly dependant on factors of which we attempt to control, but cannot always guarantee. However best practices will be adhered to and followed for the best outcomes for the Client.

Down Payment Assistance:

MHI agrees to Identify all available programs for Client to assist in procuring the down payment for the purchase of your new home. This service is guaranteed to result in some, most, or all of your down payment, and sometimes but not always the closing costs. This is why you will still be required to have your own funds as well for your portion of remaining costs and down payments when necessarily. These programs consist of Federal, State, County, City and Municipal bond programs as well as various loan products. MHI DOES NOT guarantee your down payment will be forgivable, or will not require repayment, or have have other restrictions or covenants to comply with or that any funds will be interest free. What MHI does guarantee is you will have funds made available to you to help you buy your new home. You are not required to have MHI process and apply for your grants, and DPA assistance, however if the Client chooses MHI will perform these services for a success fee for obtaining your funds for down payment and closing costs of 10% (Ten Percent) of funds obtained and must be paid prior to MHI prior to use/closing. NOTE: IF USING CREDITFLEX CAPITAL FOR OBTAINING YOUR FINANCING THIS FEE WILL BE WAIVED (THIS MUST INCLUDE THE FIRST MORTGAGE LAON).

Credit Restoration / Establishment / Enhancement:

MHI agrees to assist Client in the process and services of restoring any items in their credit files that are showing inaccurate, misleading, erroneous, outdated, false, or outdated information. All records will be addressed including, all public information. This is to include all personal information stored by the bureaus. Further some items may be showing on your report which are not the Clients, these as well as any Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Collections, Repossessions, Charge Off’s, Tax Liens, References to Child Support, and even Student loans will be addressed and dealt with. MHI does not in any way insinuate that it will be party to fraud, attempted fraud, or any other activity deemed dubious or unethical. We cannot promise to remove accurate verified information. Any reference to this, any promise or commitment made to this end, is void, and agreed that MHI can only be held to account for honest and true information reported accurately. This may include adding verified credit to your consumer file that may exist but not be present on the record. Client will be required to maintain a separate ongoing account with a credit bureau provider. The MHI system is designed to work only with actual FICO scored, and these are only available to the Client through IDIQ at a discounted monthly rate of $34.99 failure to maintain this third party service will damage the integrity of the system maintaining and improving your credit, and will void any guarantee. Client will receive correspondence via mail, email, and text from creditors, as well the credit bureaus. These are to be uploaded to the Customer Credit Portal as soon as received. NOTE: RAPID RESCORES PERFORMED BY YOUR LICENSED MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS PROGRAM AND ARE CHARGED/BILLED OUTSIDE OF MHI.

Mortgage Pre-Processing and Income Evaluation/Calculation:

MHI agrees to request from and review from Client any and all standard documents customary to any mortgage loan application. This is to include, Legal and credit history, housing history, savings history and document source of acceptable funds for closing further diligence will be done on income history, special calculations for various income types, and mortgage loan documentation types specified by your Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer (furnished by CreditFlex Capital ISAOA, ATIMA). As well tax, and insurance histories, as it related to purchasing a home. MHI will prepare and submit on behalf of Client and Loan Officer all vetted, approved documents saved in the Clients secure portal to the assigned underwriter and work to obtain with Clients assistance any other documents the End investor(s) may require to close your loan.

Mortgage Loan Referral:

MHI is NOT a Lender, Broker, Accounting, Law or Real Estate firm. We are a Licensed LLC. Owned by a fully NMLS licensed industry professional with 36 years of experience assisting persons with mortgage loans, for purchase and refinance and continues to do so. However MHI does not perform these functions. These functions are referred out directly to CreditFlex Capital, LLC. Where licensed to conduct business legally and to other partner firms, when not. MHI guarantee's the Client will be well received by any referral, and they will have all information, collected and provided by MHI.

Cost and Length of Contract:

Three (3)months are included in the agreement in the price charged. This includes all services including our sentinel service which monitors your IDIQ credit monitoring and is set to WATCH and INTERVENE changes to your credit report are updated instantly! Should an item appear it is dealt with automatically without you having to do anything

Failure to complete program in 90 days is not uncommon. Should you need an additional month this may be extended up to 3 months for a total of 180 days for an additional $349.00 per month. After which time a refund must be processed if the Client has been unsuccessful with no fault of their own.

Additional Fee’s and Options: (All services for MHI90 Clients are all inclusive for the period of the initial agreement for each paid continuation month fee’s below do not apply).

For Sentinel Service with PPD PAY PER DELETE other than monthly maintenance you only pay when we have work to do, and then only when we are successful. All items are handled as they appear, corrected and then and only then are you billed. The following schedule is the current PPD schedule currently in effect for the organization. After your initial trial period you will aromatically be billed for your full annual amount of your Sentinel All inclusive pricing of 49.99 a month. You do have the option of notifying us prior to any billing to have this changed to the Sentinel PPD, or canceled all together. Simply notify us in writing through your customer portal, marking discontinue all services.